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If you you’re looking to up your game in the pole world, learn some rad ass tricks both on the floor & pole & add a bit of dance & movement to your day, this is the place for you!

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Are you trying to reach a flexibility goal or gain more mobility? Stretching is for everyone and so are my programs! Check this tab out for live classes and recorded stretch tutorials!

The Raddest Abbey


Master of Radness

My life got flipped and turned upside down when I first stepped into a pole studio in 2012. Looking back I can now say (cheesy as it is) it was the first day of the rest of my life. Since then I’ve competed, performed, and traveled the world training with some of the best. Pole dancing did a long winded list of magical things for me. Along with the physical stuff, I’ve also gained an immense amount of confidence, empowerment, sensuality and I’ve learned how to love the shit out of myself. Movement in every which way, especially through dance, has helped me be my best self both mentally and physically. And now I want literally nothing more than to share my knowledge, movement, training and self appreciation secrets with all of you! Let’s thrive til will we die!


The mission behind all this rad jazz

My programs and my classes are not JUST about getting in shape, getting flexier, and leveling up your skills. My mission is to help you recognize and acknowledge your amazing qualities and become your raddest and baddest selves. Legit, I want that so hard.

For the first 6 years of my journey I didn’t take the time to truly appreciate and acknowledge my progress. It’s so easy to bathe in the negative, but yet, is so counter productive. Through different practices and continuous research on how to be happy and more mindful, I learned how to incorporate different ways of thinking into my movement practices. I started to value my body for all the things it could DO vs what it looked like. Through this I became more confident, I embraced my sensuality, my mindset transformed and I stopped feeling like I had to be a certain kind of mover doing the things on trend or what society expected of me as a pole dancer and I just began to do what felt best for ME in whatever the moment called for. Eff everything else.

I want to help you explore a more positive mindset. A healthier way of thinking. We put so much pressure on ourselves to be a certain way or to live up to someone else’s standards. but we should really be focusing on what makes us great, unique and feel good. This is a space and a community for growth, happiness, support and I’m super stoked to have you all here to embrace YOUR raddest self and become rad as eff with me.


Find your Rad

Rad reminders for rad humans.

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