28 day splits challenge


A 28 day challenge to help you make progress in your flexibility & help you create positive physical & mental habits!

What you get:

+ Guided stretch sessions everyday for 28 days (don’t worry, some are short)

+ Sessions are in the form of recordings so you can work them into your schedule at any time. 

+ Community Support (there is a board within the challenge space to communicate with others!)

+ Goal Tracking – check in every day you do a stretch, add photos, how you’re feeling, all the things!

+ You will have access until YOU finish the challenge. So if you fall behind you still get to access the challenge. 

+ Modifications provided as needed. Please contact me or respond to the surveys in the typeforms after your lessons if you need some extra love! 

+ Positive mindset practice & guidance 


*Note: this link will lead you to a sign up page. This is a new space where my classes, challenges, courses, etc. will be re-locating! So create a new sign in! Start yo journey as a rad ass mofo.*